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Comcast Xfinity Complaint - Xfinity Platform does not deliver - xfinity cable and internet
Comcast Xfinity Complaint

Comcast Xfinity Complaint


Xfinity Platform does not deliver - xfinity cable and internet

I have grown up with Comcast as out primary cable provider my whole life, and when I was younger I never had any problems in my parents house it ran like a dream. So when I moved in with my boyfriend I was immediately disappointed when he had FIOS in his home. It took me a while getting used to but I ended up loving it, we never had internet issues, cable box never had problems playing anything. When we moved into our new apartment we were told we only have Comcast cable lines so we cant have Verizon...I was fine with that because once again I never had issues with Comcast in the past. My boyfriend decided to go with the X1 platform and get us the fastest internet since we are both avid gamers we would need it. Since the day of install the internet has been shotty, slow most of the time, and it cuts in and out at least 4 to 5x a day and it will be out for hours on end we didnt want to make a big stink out of it since the guy who did install it told my boyfriend the signal in our whole apartment complex is really bad so we might experience those problems from time to time...(my thought) "okay well if you own the lines to this whole complex and all of us are paying customers of your company why don't you guys just fix your lines if you know they are bad"? With that always in the back of my mind and our broken internet we did warm up to the cable box features a lot..we really liked how everything looked so clean and its easy to search everything on there the only negative thing about it was the remote doesn't light up which sounds silly but at the time time it an really come in handy. After a while we noticed that our cable box would just shut off with blinking error messages and you could not turn it on for hours...that got annoying because no we couldn't even watch TV on top of not having internet so now we are so frustrated at this point that we call for a tech to come out...he comes out and tells us its the lines for the apartment he cant do much about it.... We then asked if they would be fixed anytime soon we were told they have been working on them. Another month goes by and if anything the internet and cable get worse to the point where one box even just stopped working in one room...we once again ask Comcast for a tech to come out....no one showed up when we schedule an appointment between 1-3 no one came. we called again to let them know we have been waiting all day and she says okay he we will around between 5-8 once again no one shows up. At that point my boyfriend is livid he demanded an appointment or he was going to cut our service..the next day a tech was out and pretty much stared at our Xbox ones and say that's the problem you cant have that connected to the cable box its interfering with the signal....well for one the Xbox is hard wired into the cable box so its not like the signal has to travel anywhere...2 Xbox one is made to plug in the cable box and we never had any issues with this and Verizon...he checked our speed of the internet and said oh its fine... its not slow and left. I felt insulted and even more insulted when we found out they charged us for the tech visit where no one showed up and the previous one where he did nothing but blame out electronics for their slow service...and for one Comcast can not charge you for tech visits if you live in an apartment because they own the lines!! They are a cheap company who wants nothing but your money and cares nothing about customer service at all the only time they care is when we threaten to yank our service...so a year later we are still stuck with internet that barely works. My question is why does Comcast advertise the X1 platform as revolutionizing cable and internet when their own techs don't even seem to know what to do to fix them. I am done with Comcast once we move I will never be a customer of theirs again.

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