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Comcast Xfinity Comments

Augg says: (3 years ago)
DONT GET COMCAST/XFINITY worst service ever I was better getting flipping dish and dish sucks ... I am always having issues with the Internet! ALWAYS!! I call to complain and ask what I can do and they tell me there is a bunch out outages? That isn't my fault fix it dipshits ! The on demand sucks they always have the same movies ! Poor coustomer service ladies on the phone are always rude and un professional seems like they do not know what they Are doing .

cclyda says: (3 years ago)
I have had Xfinity internet service for about 3 years and have had nothing but problems with it, There is no other internet service out here so I am stuck. I have called every one and none of them have service in my area, NONE. If there was I would get it. The people who answer the phone have no idea what they are talking about and when the guys come out here all of them have a different idea of what's wrong. I hate it.

Jayherb says: (3 years ago)
I purchased a xfinity x1 box off eBay after verifying with Comcast that it WOULD work 4 times on the same call I got the box today and it won't work I spent 2 hours on the phone being transferred around they say they can't activate the box because it was reported as lost.... I have been with Comcast for about 8 years and I'm leaving.

SonOfBrendaDean says: (3 years ago)
My mother was really hoping to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" with me this Christmas, I had yet to see the program, and was sorely disappointing to find it was not even an option for purchase this year.

LibertadAurora says: (4 years ago)
Everytime I call the customer service center they have a different story, offer, etc. with so many inconsistencies I actually thought that they were untrained freelancers working from home. That was until I was told that they actually have a "proper" customer service center in West Hartford. I always end up paying more than the "after tax and equipment monthly rental charges" number they give me on the phone. And as if matters couldn't get worst I was just tricked into extending my contract for 2 years with "free upgrade" of my cable boxes to the new "X1"s. What a rip off!!! When the guy came to my apartment he told me there would be a $49 charge FOR EACH BOX!!!
When I called customer service there was no supervisor to take my call and the operator refused to give me the operator number of the person that tricked me into this whole scam!!!
Total disappointment...

RICHC says: (4 years ago)
I have been with Comcast for the past 20 years in the Flint area. For years we had no choice of other providers because Comcast was the only option. Let me tell you, Comcast customer service absolutely stinks, the billing department has no clue, and the on hold phone wait time is ridiculous! I am happy with the Xfinity product and wifi speeds but very unhappy with the customer support and billing. My billing is never the same. I have to call every month to get it fixed. I think I am finally going to make a change since we now have other options in my area. My neighbor was frustrated over the same issues and decided to make a change to DirectTV. He has been with them 1 year now and wishes he would have made the change sooner. My brother in law just switched to Dish Network and he feels the same. I guess its time to move on

Sergio1000 says: (4 years ago)

Not happy with cable TV so I cut it off!!!!

After having Comcast TV and internet for 12 months here in Michigan, I am disgusted with it already. My cable bill went from $105/month for TV and internet to $156/month in 12 months and by the way programming got worse This almost felt like price gouging. I did not change programming at all and all changes were made by Comcast. It seems to me Comcast is billing you for something all the time and costs more than it's worth!!! I will say most of the programming is commercial oriented and from what I remember most while watching XFINITY TV are commercials, commercials commercials!!! Even while watching something you will get commercials until you get sick to your stomach over it!!! Pathetic!!! You will probably get a commercial while you read this post to! Comcast will club you to death with commercials!

I loved watching some old programs when I first moved here to Michigan on XFINITY. Comcast took those programs off after several months and will no longer show them so that was a major disappointment for me. Customer support is the only good thing I can say about Comcast. People working for Comcast are very nice people and always helpful, polite and professional. Whenever I used support they always solved whatever technical problems that I experienced.

If I were to reinvent Comcast, I would allow customers to have more content and control over content for less.

boobboob says: (4 years ago)
Comcast is the worst cable company ever. I absolutely hate, hate , hate it.

handhnj says: (4 years ago)
We recently signed up for a Triply Play, not heeding all the bad press. However, we now know it is all true and have NEVER had such problems with any company in our lives. We are trying to have them fix CallerID on our Call Waiting and have called at least 6 times and even had a service rep come to our home. All promise it will be fixedin 48-72 hours and SEEM to be caring and very nice. However NOTHING every gets done! We are thinking of not paying our bill but with that help or just cause us to lose service??

maw4 says: (4 years ago)
Phone tech non-responsive. Bill was increased in June. When called for an explanation, was told it would go back to previous amount if I signed for Eco billing. After signing for eco billing, there was no change. Now this month I'm told my billing will be $27 more than my July bill. After going to local Concast and being told that's just how much it is, and to call retention for hopes of a promotion offering. My husband recently died and I changed the billing to my name but was told that had no effect on the billing. I have spent over 5 1/2 hours on hold with constant recorded messages a representative would be with me as soon as possible. August 4th from 12:30 to 2:30 with no answer so I hung up. August 5th from 8:20 a.m. to 10:30 same no answer, only recorded message repeated constantly. Check at local Comcast office again and told to call in evening. August 6th called, put on hold again 8:20 to 10:00 p.m. Once I was referred to retention, I had no option given for call-back
so spent all those hours waiting to talk to a rep in that department. I'm presently in grief programs (free) at Hospice and will certainly let them know my problems. Now I will research recent offers I've received in the mail from ATT (my previous supplier) for my next move. I've had many medical bills from my husband and even had to cash in my only life insurance policy to help pay for his funeral. What I need now is some financial help and the fact that I can't even get someone from Comcast to answer my calls leaves me doubting sincerity in all your promos
advocating pleasing the customer.

Yuri says: (4 years ago)
No tengo servicio de internet por un mes, me hacen un app con un tecnico cual nunca aparecio, luego me re-programan la cita para hoy 07-01-14 a las 5p despues de hacer en mi casa los arreglos pertinentes me llaman a las 3p para decirme q el tecnico no va a llegar.. Q los tecnicos de ellos no estan obligados a hacer a todos los clientes q porq son sub- contratados. Llamo a la central y sencillamente me dicen q si yo quiero cancelar el servicio solo tengo q indicarselo que ellos son representantes solamentes... Que mal customer service!!! Que horror de empresa!! Que poca calidad de trato!!!! Me maravilla!!! Claro que cancelare no soporto lidiar con irresponsables, faltos de etica!!

Lilnetta77 says: (4 years ago)
So crappy. My internet works fast when it works but I have to restart my modem about 3 times a day on demand also works off and on right now it's been a week since it's worked and I get to pay full price for a service that works less then half the time.

vrizk says: (4 years ago)
Comcast Xfinity is unreliable and has the worse customer service. I have been without television caller ID for 10 days. I called the customer support to be told to unplug the box and then re-plug it again after they refreshed the signal. NOTHING worked. Then, I was told my issue will be escalated to a team A technician in the next 24 to 72 hours. To this date and it has been 10 days, I still do not have the caller ID feature on my television screen even though I am paying for it. Anyone out there who might be looking for internet/telephone/television STAY AWAY from Comcast.

Star5 says: (4 years ago)
Xfinity x1 do not get Xfinity X one it is terrible the customer service has no idea how to handle any problems with the unit. I have had him out at the house over four times to fix the same problem. I cannot believe they can put out this kind of junk and charger for it and have no idea how to fix it. I cannot believe that our government let them get away with providing us with crap equipment.

spargedude says: (4 years ago)
I booked an install on the internet. Received a confirmation email listing date and time of install. When time came I went on online chat and "verified" with one of their agents that they would be there. They weren't. Then I was told they had no record of the reservation which was a lie. I had the confirmation email which they weren't interested in because it proved they were liars. Comcast is a big sack of crap and their employees are the worst. If you have any other choice than Comcast take it and do not use Comcast.

gabriele1 says: (5 years ago)
we have comcast servise, unfortunatley we do not have any other providers where we live or i would switch ,comcast has lousy service the tv is out as much as it is on, and the phone hardly ever works. we are paying for a service ,here and we are only getting half of what we pay for i think comcast should start re embersing people for when the service is out for it is usualy out for a long time it has been out for three hours today and was informed it would be another couple of hours this is really poor service comcast needs to get with the program and start fixing these problems , i know they have a monoploly in some areas but anyone can be replaced evenually...

rana says: (5 years ago)

cheyjose says: (5 years ago)
The cable guy made sexual advances and grabbed my hand in my bedroon while installing new service on yesterday. Im still waiting for a response from the companys coporate office. The local supervisor called this morning. He stated he will calling the rep in for questioning. My husband is furious and wants me to contact the local police.

cheyjose says: (5 years ago)
The cable guy made sexual advances and grabbed my hand in my bedroon while installing new service on yesterday. Im still waiting for a response from the companys coporate office. The local supervisor called this morning. He stated he will calling the rep in for questioning. My husband is furious and wants me to contact the local police.

1234abcno says: (5 years ago)
please do not waste your money i signed up for 39.99 and my average bill is 70.00 mind you i have yet to order anything extra yet... I wonder am i even being charged for just turning this thing on.... Even when i payed my deposit i got charged a 6.oo convience fee that i was never told about or agreed to pay..... Even with the 30 day money back guarantee don't take the risk unless u are comfortable paying almost twice what is advertised..... They act like these charges are a one time fee because of start up and installation that's how they get you to go over 30 days.. then you get your second bill and it's only 5 dollars less than my was my 1st months bill.. So on that note i never liked satellite because i hear it sometimes get bad reception but ill willing to give anything a try just to get aways from this Comcast mistake...

mherrera says: (7 years ago)
Run a Comcast service review here:

PTheimer says: (7 years ago)
Complete garbage, part of me thinks they changed their name from "Comcast" to "Xfinity" to dodge some of the poor reputation that their service attracts. Im sure some people out there will not realize Xfinity is just a new name for Comcast. Its not any better or improved, its the same unreliable service with an extremely faulty "On Demand" feature that continues to provide me with error messages as it did when it was Comcast. Unfortunately where I live, Xfinity is my only option if I want cable television service as they bought out the area, and I am seriously beginning to consider cancelling it anyway and download the programming I regularly watch through torrent sites. Its just that bad and frustrating.

Plsx says: (7 years ago)
The new menu/dvr is the worst piece of user software I have ever used. I called tonight for support as it was installed today. They couldn't help, so to put me off they needed to verify my acct by using the last 4 digits of husbands Ssn and our acct #, etc. They have never asked for that in the past when I needed help. My request was 'how do I set the sleep timer' as I couldn't find it. After the acct verification, etc. It turns out that service is no longer available. I guess they thought if they asked for enough stuff, I would give up before they had to admit a service was no longer available.

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