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Comcast Xfinity Reviews

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  • Service at its worst

    I just had service installed on 3/17/2014. on 3/19/14 at exactly 3:30 pm, two out of the four boxes in my home stopped working. Error code RDK-03033. I called Comcast and was on hold for approximately 15 minutes. I spoke with one of their account executives, and was told to reboot the boxes and to check cables to no avail. The third box went down at approximately 8:30 pm. I called to report the problem, and was on hold from 9:15 pm to 9:44 pm. After speaking with one of their account reps/executives, I was told that they had an appointment available for Friday between 10-12 noon.... More...
    (Cable TV)
    javatech's Picture   javatech    0 Comments   Comments

    Worst company to deal with ever. Every month our bill was something different despite the "contract" we signed for a year. Canceled the t.v. and kept internet and phone with the understanding that the bill would be a certain amount for a year, but just today we received a letter in the mail stating that our bill would be jumping up to over $100 dollars. More than half of what we were told it would be for a year. Now we are calling them and they have no recollection of the past phone calls and reassurance that our bill would be about $50 for the two services. When we did have... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    jvitale's Picture   jvitale    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Service

    Comcast is terrible. I chose to go with them because they have the fastest internet in this area and I got a really good deal. I was supposed to get just internet for $35 a month for a year and the company that signed me up also gave me a free router and modem. The first problem with comcast is I had to call multiple times to get them to stop charging me for modem rental on a modem that I owned. They eventually fixed this issue. After five months a Comcast salesman called me and told me that Comcast was going to increase my bill to $80 a month just for basic internet! That is... More...
    (Cable TV)
    brandonkloer's Picture   brandonkloer    0 Comments   Comments
  • Moving Date

    We are moving our office on 1/16 and even though I contacted Comcast on 12/9, I was told on 1/3 that the expected construction finish time was not until 2/21/14. We are moving our business out and will not have phone and internet at this point. I have called, made repeated emails to my Business Sales Rep (which go ignored). We cannot move our business and have no phone and internet for over a month. This is completely unacceptable! We will be cancelling all of our comcast accounts if this cannot be done on time. More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)

    Comcast-Xfinity is absolutely awful, not ONE time have we had a good experience with them in the past 10 years! the only reason we use them is that we have no choice! where we live does not accommodate dish or direct, or any other company that provides phone internet and cable. Comcast's "high speed" internet is SO slow ALL the time! Our wifi is extremely spotty and half the time we have to call them to resend a signal, and their customer service is the worst! they're rude, and speak like they don't know what they're doing, they are not specific, and if you... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    lulutodo's Picture   lulutodo    2 Comments   Comments
  • xfinity is very misleading

    I called xfinity for a quote and was told I could get 2 boxes and one of them be a dvr and the other could play my recorded shows as well. I also would get Internet for 99.99 a month plus tax. I asked her several time if that's my total cost for everything except the tax she repeatedly said yes. I said sign me up and I cancelled my direct TV which I liked I was just trying to save money. I just got my boxes today and my bill is already at 167. I called and was pretty much told that the person I talked too was wrong and there nothing they could do. I'm so upset and I should... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Jondj10's Picture   Jondj10    0 Comments   Comments
  • Service

    The phone tech support is nonresponsive. The wait time is an average of 30 minutes to one hour. I tried repeatedly and no one answered. I got thru by getting the billing department to forward the call. Billing is horrible. Instead of transferring services they terminated services which caused in a huge penalty. I asked for a supervisor and the technique now to avoid speaking with a supervisor is callback within 48-72 hrs. They sell a package which includes home security but the billing for that is separate from cable and internet so you have to stay hold again for another 20-30... More...
    (Cable TV)
    2rio6's Picture   2rio6    0 Comments   Comments

    I have been trying to get my $300 "rebate" from Comcast for months. I have been hung-up on, ignored and shifted from person to person. This is a scam, pure and simple. I have written to the Better Business Bureau and the Oregon Attorney General's Office but have yet to get answers. It's obvious that the Comcast couldn't care less about its customers from the jerk-around you get when you call. My bills are paid on time, and the "analysts" all agree that I am entitled to the rebate, but no one will take the responsibility of giving me a firm date as to... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • comcast service

    Comcast is quite possibly the most despicable company ever to exist in Earth%u2019s history. Not only does this loathsome, blood sucking corporation despise their life source, the customers, they are award winning in making life%u2019s quality equal to the fiery, lava burning oceans that dwell only in the deepest pits of Hell for any poor soul that happens to innocently cross their path. I used to look upon everything that happened my way with angelic wonder, my curiosity propelling me forward with childlike enthusiasm, eager to see what this magnificent, wonder laden world had in store for... More...
    (Cable TV)
    poorsoul's Picture   poorsoul    0 Comments   Comments
  • Comcast"""a big lie,keep your money for then!!!!

    I decide to change att for comcast just because on my area the att internet service is no good,so I call then and the offer me a super combo whit the cable,so I was happy and I switch dihs and att for a xfinity,and my worst experience began!!!!! what a SUPER LIE!!!!!!NOTHING that the offer me is was truth!!!!. I wait 5 days whit no service because the technical that they send,dint fix the real problem,so after that time I finally get that service and''''didnt have the channel that a ask,the promotion it was just for 6 months,no for the 2 years that the say,an extra... More...
    eatvane20013's Picture   eatvane20013    0 Comments   Comments
  • Comcast is secretly charging more money from customers!

    Comcast ( now is called Xfinity) is the worst Internet service in the planet! Overcharging the service fee without noticing customer! I was charged with both basic cable service and Internet for about $71($51.95 / month for Internet, $9 for cable, and other miscellaneous fees)! When I called to cancel the cable service, the representative told me that according to the policy, I should pay $64 alone for the Internet if I cancel the cable!! I said the price listed online is just $51.95 / month (THERE IS NO SAYING THE PRICE IS FOR NEW CUSTOMER OR IS A DISCOUNT). He kept telling me I was... More...
    (Cable TV)
    ChloeG's Picture   ChloeG    0 Comments   Comments
  • Streaming movies

    I don't know if anyone is having a problem with streaming movies, but I am. It is disappointing that in order to watch the majority of movies on my iPad, I have to be a subscriber. The only movies you're able to watch are the extremely unknown ones or Lifetime movies. I do better with Netflix and Hulu. Also, I can relate to the terrible customer service and phone services. Then, Comcast has a nerve to charge you separately for WiFi. Thank God for AT&T for free WIFI and excellent phone services. More...
    ladydm's Picture   ladydm    0 Comments   Comments
  • Internet/Telephone service

    I moved to Gig Harbor, WA two months ago. I got the name of Comcast from a relative who thought they were a great company. I signed up for Internet Service as well as home phone. After a month, the children's school officials complained the phone does not work, they cannot reach me. I tried myself to make calls, it did not work. I called in to Comcast and cancelled phone service. Somehow the phone service was never cancelled, it never worked and I have a bill for $294.00. I paid a $50 deposit fee to start service. Now Comcast told me I havae to pay $294.00 and they will... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Comcast Xfinity - adding fees when calling

    I've been with Comcast Xfinity for 2 years. Their Internet service is fast and has only been out a handful of times since service. Today I just happened to notice an extra xfinity tv fee - about 17.95/mo plus 1.28 fee for a converter box on my bill with a 7.95 discount. 1.28 month I do not look at all my bills unfortunately. Especially the autopay bills - I have this on my Amex card. I had called last year for a service issue - it took two trips to fix. But what I didn't notice was this xfinity tv fee added plus the converter box. I called in today to have it removed and the... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Schpen's Picture   Schpen    0 Comments   Comments
  • Comcast techs stole money out of my wallet

    I know I'll never get it back, but a tech from Comcast cable stole 75$ out of my wallet. If I was lying I would say more then 75 was stolen. I know, I should of made sure my wallet was out of sight, but I had early morning appointment, they even got there earlier then the appointment was. They woke me up out of bed so that is why my stuff was left in plain view sight. The box they put in the bedroom was right on the same side my wallet was, instead of on top of t.v. Well my loss, so far w Comcast very disappointed. More...
    (Cable TV)
    jhedrick's Picture   jhedrick    2 Comments   Comments
  • Services

    I had comcast for over three years. I have had nothing but trouble the whole time. Service in and out on all three services( cable, phone and internet). They came out several times and could never fix the problem for over a year. Also one of the techs that came out broke the ethernet connection on my laptop. They never properly fixed the computer and were awful when I asked them to pay for it, but in turn wanted to charge me extra on my bill. Ok so finally I decided to disconnect my services. I called them on March 7th so today on March 16th I recieve a bill with the last months due balance... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Bfbamagal's Picture   Bfbamagal    0 Comments   Comments
  • xfinity install HORRIBLE enter property without permission

    I was appalled when I came home to find my dog wandering the neighborhood and animal control at my door. Xfinity came to install the neighbors cable the box is in my yard the installer attempted to feed my dog crackers because I was not home to let him in the yard and he wanted to see if she was friendly so he could enter my property with out permission. When my dog did not want the crackers the installer took it upon himself to enter my yard and let my dog out. He then called animal control and told them my dog hopped the fence my dog has NEVER!!!!! hopped any fence. Then to make matters... More...
    (Cable TV)
    jessica60586's Picture   jessica60586    0 Comments   Comments
  • Xfinity worst customer support

    I have been on the phone with customer service for 2 days with no resolution. They have promised return calls to no avail. Tech support is a joke.. They hung up on me twice when I asked to speak to someone in the United States. Finally when I do get a returned call they called on my cell not the home phone which is the number I gave them to call on at least 5 times. All I want is my guide to work and list the program schedule. More...
    (Cable TV)
    san2lih's Picture   san2lih    0 Comments   Comments
  • Comcast special upgrade offer, no representatives to answer phones.

    Las week I received a special upgrade offer for HD Preferred XF Triple Play for $119.99. I attempted to cal the 800 number on the correspondence from Comcast for two days with the same response, "All agents busy please try calling back." When I call the regular Comcast phone number I get an agent immediately when I select the option to upgrade, but they can only offer me the same package for fifty dollars more a month. So what gives? Is this a type of bait and switch. Since when does a company not provide enough agents to sell their product? I even traveled to our local... More...
    (Cable TV)
    louigi909's Picture   louigi909    0 Comments   Comments
  • NOT X-ceptional SERVICE

    I have just been on the telephone with Xfinity-Comcast for the past 45mins where 20mins was spent on hold after the initial conversation with the representative. I have been charged twice for $79.99 for a service that I cannot utilize. The initial charge occurred on 9/11/12, at which time I called and immediately informed Xfinity that my televisions are not High-Definition. I did NOT ask for nor did I want that extra service. I was informed that the charge was supposed to be removed. Of course it wasn't and I called repeatedly a couple of time each month for Xfinity to remove that... More...
    (Cable TV)
    durrable's Picture   durrable    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad business Tactics.

    I am very upset with Comcast Xfinity and I am NOT and will never be one of their customers. Their tactics to make you become a customer is almost gang style or corruption style. I had a guy come to my door on 1/17/2013 in the afternoon. I stated to him that I do not have cable but with my antenna i can get the local channels and that is all I need it at the time. He started saying all this mombo jumbo about that Obama made it illegal for people to received local channels without paying a cable company. Local channels are local channels and I don't think I should pay for public... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Tropical's Picture   Tropical    0 Comments   Comments
  • Comcast xfinity contract

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I signed a two year contract - was billed monthly for $47.63. A year later, it increased a lot - in October of last year, spoke with FIVE people - one said they would send me a copy of the contract, never did. They did, however, correct my bill - to $48.77. A dollar difference was not worth the additional effort. This month, January, my bill increased again, by an additional $11.61. I spoke with a trainer, who assured me,it would be corrected. He would call me by Saturday to confirm. Today, Monday - bill still same (after over an hour on the computer - trying to gain access and... More...
    (Cable TV)
    aureliax's Picture   aureliax    1 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Comcast Customer Service

    When I called Comcast Customer Service this afternoon to report that we had no dial tone on our phones, the prerecorded message stated that the wait time would be ten minutes due to higher than usual call volume. The message suggested either calling back later or trying to fix the problem by resetting the modem (which I had previously done twice). I continued to hold, and 20 minutes later I spoke with a customer rep. She had me plug our phone directly into the modem to see if that resolved the problem. I did so, but the home phone was still dead. I had been on my cell phone with her... More...
    leubanks63's Picture   leubanks63    0 Comments   Comments
  • Comcast customer support did not respond as they said they would. (lied)

    In August my Comcast internet service suffered intermittent interruptions over several days. I phoned Comcast customer service (800.266.2278) to report the issue. Having had Comcast internet since 2009, I was sure that I had no problems with equipment yet Comcast support wanted to send a technician. I responded that I had no equipment trouble and would not pay for a service call, but consented to allow a technician to visit. At the time that the technician visited (for about 15 minutes) my internet was once again operational. The technician, Mark 281.889.3955) left after a short about speed... More...
    (Cable TV)
    kpxtx's Picture   kpxtx    2 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible service

    Of course when we originally got comcast the installation guy was over 4.5 hours late, and took about 2 hours "installing" by that I mean watchig family guy after he was done setting it up. I should have known this was an indicator for the future. We've recently moved, I spent over 3 hours on the phone, on hold, and waiting to be called back, bc they told me I can hook up my boxes and Internet myself in the new home. Finally when it was realized that they had to turn it on at the pole, I made an apt for thur Btwn 1-3. No one ever showed. I called to ask if they were still... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Karenthegreat's Picture   Karenthegreat    0 Comments   Comments
  • Comcast Fucking SUCKS!!!

    How is it possible that Comcast has the only monopoly as a service provider ? They don't care or give a flying shit about their loyal long time customers. The provide no or shit service and only interested in only one to rip off the Customer. Digital service, what a fucking Joke! they offer Digital service in neighborhoods though they are not willing to change or renew all the original cable wiring back from world war 1! I wish there was more competitors to choose from as a cable service, and I don't care for any if this Dish nor satellite crap either since they all... More...
    (Cable TV)
    luimmo's Picture   luimmo    1 Comments   Comments
  • Comcast Blast subscription

    I am convinced that Comcast service for Blast is just a ploy to get you to upgrade or become a customer. We order the online 'Blast' 2 months ago and yet to receive a cable box. They were suppose to send it within 5 days of placing the order and every week I call them and they resubmit the order and try to get me to buy a more expensive package deal. They tell me it's been shipped, they tell me the order wasn't placed right, they tell me they will take care of it and I will get my Blast.... Nothing. It has been 2 months and I have given up on them for my cable TV More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Comcast: VERY PRICEY

    I previously lived in Las Vegas, Nevada and had Cox Communications as my TV cable provider. I had ALL the channels for a reasonable price. Now i recently moved to Minnesota and signed up with Comcast. I have very few channels for a very high price. I am very disappointed. Do i really need to pay $200 for all the channels and internet when in Vegas i paid $110 for phone, internet and TV. More...
    (Cable TV)
    swimming1218's Picture   swimming1218    0 Comments   Comments
  • Very Poor Customer Service

    I completed a contract with Comcast and decided to change services because Comcast had gotten extremely high after my contract ended. I switched to Sprint for savings on my home phone but unfortunately I found that their service did not support all of my needs and after speaking with them about it, determined that I should return my equipment to them before the contract was initiated (14 days from receipt of equipment) and reverse the porting of my home phone to Sprint. In the mean time I went ahead and contacted Comcast about the issue on 1/14/12 and spent a good bit of the morning on the... More...
    (Cable TV)
    rdharper's Picture   rdharper    0 Comments   Comments
  • reliabilty issues

    While Comcast boasts high speed internet, and indeed they have numbers to back it up, they don't advertise their reliability and for good reason. What good is an incredibly high speed internet when this past week the internet has crashed numerous times for more than a few hours at a time. I am incredibly frustrated with this so-called service and I have come to believe that their market plan was to see how many customers they could lose. For the first few months the service was great and incredibly fast. It was everything they had advertised. If the internet is not a major area of... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    woah's Picture   woah    0 Comments   Comments
  • Highly Disappointed

    I called to connect internet service on Sept 21, 2011. They set up a self install on Sept 22, 2011. The tech came out and informed me I would half to set up a "professional install". I called Comcast as soon as he left. I told them I would have to get permission from my landlord in order for them to drill holes. I then asked YOUR Comcast representative what I should do at this point. She instructed me to "cancel this order" and to "send back the modem once it arrives UPS". SO THAT IS WHAT I DID. I cancelled my service and when the modem was delivered Friday (2... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    camraecon08's Picture   camraecon08    2 Comments   Comments
  • Wow

    If you plan to invite people over for a PPV sports event, I would think again. Twice I've had friends over and ordered the UFC fights. The first time we missed the first 3 fights because I couldn't get through on the phone. This time I ordered the fights early just in case. I still had to call because the order wouldn't go through. After spending 40 minutes on hold, customer service ordered it for me. Only missed 1 fight this time...I guess that's progess. More...
    (Cable TV)
    CFH7421's Picture   CFH7421    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pleasantly Surprised

    After having such horrible experiences with other companies, disconnecting from Comcast was a sigh of relief. The associate was friendly and didn't try to harass me into staying with the company. He disconnected my service while I was on the phone. It was not only no charge to me, but I got a credit for the rest of the days in the month that I wasn't using the service. He looked up the address for me to return the modem I was renting and it was as easy as that. I never had a problem with the product and am now sad that I couldn't take it with me with my move. More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
  • do not buy comcast

    we have had comcast for 3 months and had to have the box replaced 4 times, we have been without cable for 1.5 months of the 3 months we have the service. When they tell us they are coming out to fix it we wait at home all day and then they do not show up, and then they tell us their next available appointment is a week later. do not buy comcast, terrible service and just a terrible company all around. everyone should boycout comcast until they get their act together. More...
    (Cable TV)
    mcmanmon's Picture   mcmanmon    0 Comments   Comments
  • Xfinity not upgrade

    I recently received a notice in the mail entitled, “Important Action Required:” which touted your latest network enhancement (whoopiedoo). As I read further, I was informed that I had to order digital equipment in order to continue to receive certain channels I was able to receive prior to your “enhancement.” What? What an oxymoron! This “enhancement” was said to provide with more HD channels (Oh, wonderful). What a surprise. Before the “enhancement,” I was able to access numerous HD channels, which I now no longer receive. After... More...
    (Cable TV)
    OldGuy's Picture   OldGuy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst

    Had internet service and disconnected when moved out of area. Overpaid due to an incorrect bill sent. I am still waiting 2 months later for my refund. After several calls they told me I had equipment to return. I used my own, never used Comcast modem or router and if I had they would have been charging me a monthly rental fee. Get a different answer every time I call and then told I will receive check in 4-6 weeks!!!!! Absolute worst to deal with. More...
    (Cable TV)
    kml99's Picture   kml99    2 Comments   Comments
  • Getting Internet as advertised

    I got a special in the mail for $19.99/month for 12 month and then #34.99 for the next 12 month. A great deal I couldn't pass up. I have to add, I need a static IP address. I called the number on the flier and they sold me the package including the static IP address. The clerk had to ask her supervisor if the static IP was available as part of the package. The installation folks showed up 3 days later on Saturday and connected everything. All this went smooth, except they couldn't find how do do the settings on my box (it's not a windows system). They chocked a little when I... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    tspuhler's Picture   tspuhler    0 Comments   Comments

Comcast Xfinity Reviews By Product

Comcast Xfinity Comments

Star5 says: (1 month ago)
Xfinity x1 do not get Xfinity X one it is terrible the customer service has no idea how to handle any problems with the unit. I have had him out at the house over four times to fix the same problem. I cannot believe they can put out this kind of junk and charger for it and have no idea how to fix it. I cannot believe that our government let them get away with providing us with crap equipment.

spargedude says: (3 months ago)
I booked an install on the internet. Received a confirmation email listing date and time of install. When time came I went on online chat and "verified" with one of their agents that they would be there. They weren't. Then I was told they had no record of the reservation which was a lie. I had the confirmation email which they weren't interested in because it proved they were liars. Comcast is a big sack of crap and their employees are the worst. If you have any other choice than Comcast take it and do not use Comcast.

gabriele1 says: (11 months ago)
we have comcast servise, unfortunatley we do not have any other providers where we live or i would switch ,comcast has lousy service the tv is out as much as it is on, and the phone hardly ever works. we are paying for a service ,here and we are only getting half of what we pay for i think comcast should start re embersing people for when the service is out for it is usualy out for a long time it has been out for three hours today and was informed it would be another couple of hours this is really poor service comcast needs to get with the program and start fixing these problems , i know they have a monoploly in some areas but anyone can be replaced evenually...

rana says: (1 year ago)

cheyjose says: (1 year ago)
The cable guy made sexual advances and grabbed my hand in my bedroon while installing new service on yesterday. Im still waiting for a response from the companys coporate office. The local supervisor called this morning. He stated he will calling the rep in for questioning. My husband is furious and wants me to contact the local police.

cheyjose says: (1 year ago)
The cable guy made sexual advances and grabbed my hand in my bedroon while installing new service on yesterday. Im still waiting for a response from the companys coporate office. The local supervisor called this morning. He stated he will calling the rep in for questioning. My husband is furious and wants me to contact the local police.

1234abcno says: (1 year ago)
please do not waste your money i signed up for 39.99 and my average bill is 70.00 mind you i have yet to order anything extra yet... I wonder am i even being charged for just turning this thing on.... Even when i payed my deposit i got charged a 6.oo convience fee that i was never told about or agreed to pay..... Even with the 30 day money back guarantee don't take the risk unless u are comfortable paying almost twice what is advertised..... They act like these charges are a one time fee because of start up and installation that's how they get you to go over 30 days.. then you get your second bill and it's only 5 dollars less than my was my 1st months bill.. So on that note i never liked satellite because i hear it sometimes get bad reception but ill willing to give anything a try just to get aways from this Comcast mistake...

mherrera says: (3 years ago)
Run a Comcast service review here:

PTheimer says: (3 years ago)
Complete garbage, part of me thinks they changed their name from "Comcast" to "Xfinity" to dodge some of the poor reputation that their service attracts. Im sure some people out there will not realize Xfinity is just a new name for Comcast. Its not any better or improved, its the same unreliable service with an extremely faulty "On Demand" feature that continues to provide me with error messages as it did when it was Comcast. Unfortunately where I live, Xfinity is my only option if I want cable television service as they bought out the area, and I am seriously beginning to consider cancelling it anyway and download the programming I regularly watch through torrent sites. Its just that bad and frustrating.

Plsx says: (3 years ago)
The new menu/dvr is the worst piece of user software I have ever used. I called tonight for support as it was installed today. They couldn't help, so to put me off they needed to verify my acct by using the last 4 digits of husbands Ssn and our acct #, etc. They have never asked for that in the past when I needed help. My request was 'how do I set the sleep timer' as I couldn't find it. After the acct verification, etc. It turns out that service is no longer available. I guess they thought if they asked for enough stuff, I would give up before they had to admit a service was no longer available.

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